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Our Great History

Celebrating 18 Years of Success

Our History

Over the past 18 years YardView has continually improved upon and added to its functionality and capabilities. A few of these include the development of the In-cab Move Request system in 2006, extensive and flexible Monitoring and E-mail Alerts in 2007, Push Reporting in 2009, and most recently our move to the Amazon Web Services cloud. Our Systems Integration capabilities are widely used by our clients and offer real benefits to the end users and processes. YardView is currently used at a wide variety of operation types United States, Canada, and Mexico.

We were proudly named a "Best Of Breed" YMS solution in 2007 by Aberdeen Group. In the 5 years since we have continually improved the YardView program and are honored to partner with many of the largest companies in world as their YMS solutions provider. We continue to develop our program to remain the premier solution amongst Yard Management providers and work with our clients to satisfy new requirements. It is our commitment to offer the highest level of customer service and support to our customers.

In an industry where there are very few strict rules and processes and where the heavy users of the system need a tool that is easy to use, intuitive and offers quick access to key information, YardView simply works.
Today YardView continues its commitment to provide a program that easy to use and highly configurable to fit your operations. We hope to partner with you and help you gain the benefits of the YardView system.

A royalty free image from the transportation industry of a truck driver multitasking with a smartphone and tablet computer.

Jim Harris, founder of Cypress Inland Corporation and creator of YardView, had over 40 years of Transportation and Logistics experience when he saw a problem that needed to be addressed.  It was 1998 and while consulting for a Fortune 500 Retailer he saw a system in place to help them manage trailers when in the Yard.  He saw that this tool could be very helpful, but noticed this particular solution also caused some problems.  It wasn't very easy to use, adopt or train users on... and it wasn't configurable to meet the requirements of the site.  As a computer savvy and early adopter of technology all his life, he knew he could design something that could really work.  With his years of experience and knowledge in the industry, coupled with his computer skills, he began creating a program that was extremely flexible to fit a wide variety of operational processes while remaining dedicated to the importance of keeping it simple to use.  YardView was born.

Goodbye Micro-Managers

Keep Track of When & Where

Areas, zones, and locations use your familiar names: East Lot, Wall etc. and you can have as many as you want.

Stop Wasting Time

Drag and Drop displays all the information you want. One-Click icon reports are available for status, load types or areas and carrier names.

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Click on an empty location or area to bring a trailer in to inventory. Drop on the "out spot" to remove it from inventory. Click on a trailer to open a data entry screen. Monitoring and animated alert icons show you current monitor status. Drag a trailer to send a move request to the yard drivers display screen.

Monitor Your Yard and set Alerts

One-Click Quick Reports from the top menu bar for Detention and any other specific reports.

Control Carrier Access

Stop faxing and e-mailing Carriers. Automatic e-mail notifications and online carrier access keep everyone informed and reduce interruptions.

Multiple Facilities

Configurable data entry screens mean your users in El Paso have labels, text, date and drop down list boxes to update customs and FDA status while your users in Ohio do not.

Direct Drivers Instantly

Drag a trailer to a new location and a move request is automatically created and displayed to the driver through optional in-cab displays.

The distance between your warehouse and the fence line

may be the most expensive mile in your supply chain.

Do you have the right tools to effectively manage your yard?