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The Situation:

Multiple Yard operation in tight urban landscape wants visibility to all inventory.   Drivers are challenged to find specific units across the campus because there is not adequate information.   Yard Checks are difficult and by the time complete, information is incorrect.  Inventory may sit on the Yard for an extended period of time because user are not aware it arrived.

The Challenge:

  • Provide easy and accurate Yard Audit Tool
  • Provide in cab move request system for 2 way communication to drivers and building staff for movement of units
  • Provide load dwell information for all units on the yard as well as the contents inside
  • Monitor trailers and Alert personnel when key events are approaching or occur
  • Ability to expand the solution across many operation that may not have the same requirements

The Solution:

YardView was Installed successfully.

The YardView team of Specialists traveled to the site to assess the situation and get a deeper understanding of the requirements.  The first operation launched quickly and seamlessly and provided Clorox with all of the information and tools required to run a successful Yard.   Because of the success of each implementation, sites continue to be added to gain the benefits of YardView at the enterprise level.  YardView experts are reserved for each new implementation because of the knowledge, hard work, and

YardView experts are reserved for each new implementation because of the knowledge, hard work, and problem solving insight they deliver to each site.


The Situation:

3PL manages transportation and warehousing for world leading consumer goods company from manufacturing plants in Mexico and distribution centers in Texas, California and Ohio.

Each operation has good tools to manage their own processes.

Local databases, visual boards and wide use of Excel keep them current for fast responses to the customer and customs requirements. Fax, Telephone and E-mail communication keep status up to date.

Daily, weekly and monthly Key Performance reports are created with data extracted from various sources.

The Challenge:

  • Get everyone on the same database.
  • Provide network visibility to internal and external customers.
  • Proactive alerts for shipments out of range due to transit time and other factors.
  • Reduce and eliminate need for other tracking methods such as
  • Excel and white boards.
  • Reduce the need for data entry, with corresponding reductions in data entry errors.

The Solution:

YardView has all users on the same database.

Complete visibility from the time an empty is sent from El Paso, crosses to Juarez, returns to El Paso and unloads in a U.S. Warehouse.

Each time the trailer was moved or an update performed a record is created so the entire trip can be tracked, analyzed and monitored.

Facility specific GUI’s show each user their own inventory and what is in transit. Bringing the trailer into their facility is a simple drag and drop.

Network reporting is simplified and automated. A 214 export updates their online customer tracking tool, while 856 imports provides for detailed trailer information.


The Situation:

Large retailer has Distribution Centers all across the United States. Containers arrive at ports in California and then are moved to DC’s across the united states.

The Challenge:

  • Provide information of when and what has arrived in the port
  • Provide network-wide visibility to all operations and what is inside the trailers
  • Coordinate and track the movements of the yard hostlers at each site
  • Lock down the view and capabilities by geographic region, while allowing some users greater access
  • Reduce Yard costs

The Solution:

All 10 operations across the country were implemented quickly.

YardView was implemented in phases but with quick implementation to get all 10 operations across the country visible and on the same page.  The Move request system was implemented and KPI’s are generated across the enterprise for performance and opportunity to improve.

In the first year, over half a million dollars was saved from the Yard budget.  Savings have continued year after year approaching 10 years now.


The Situation:

Up to 7 different companies need access to a robust and reliable Yard Management system.  The companies work side by side in the Grand Rapids, MI area to coordinate the movement of goods between buildings and yards across 40 different geographic areas.  

Users need access to only their “own” units, areas and functionality in the system, while administration needs a high level view of the whole enterprise and the coordination of all trailer, shuttle and hostler movement.

The Challenge:

  • Keep buildings, areas and yards separated by many different groupings and parameters
  • Provide functionality that holds all parties accountable for proper use of equipment and management
  • Separate specific move requests to specific drivers in the yards based on rules and geographies
  • Service and support a very active and robust operation
  • Develop functionality that is specific to the needs of one customer
  • Create Reporting that is sliced many different ways for the benefit of each parties KPI’s and Metrics

The Solution:

YardView Was Configured in less than a day to provide key metrics.

YardView was chosen because it is able to handle the challenges of such a diverse, sprawling network, with many different parties managing the operation at any given moment.

YardView provides key metric information including who did what, and when, so that all parties are held accountable.  Historical information is available with a few clicks of the mouse, and detail is provided on every single move, everyday.  All of this, while remaining easy to use in order to get new resources using the system and up to speed quickly.

Over the years the system has changed and adapted as needed, sometimes for the benefit of 1 party and other times for the benefit of all.


The Situation:

3PL manages a large drop lot where customers park units.  Customers are invoiced based on the number of days and the number of spaces used on the yard.  Monthly billing is difficult using a paper process and tedious when trying to get a historical view of what occurred.

The Challenge:

  • Get a system in place that can be trusted
  • Historically track all units on the yard
  • Provide reporting on how many spots by each customer were used on any given day of the month
  • Roll up the information to provide accurate billing to each customer
  • Allow for easy auditing of what the yard looked like on any day
  • Customize the system to work seamlessly for customers specific requirements

The Solution:

YardView has all users on the same database

The YardView Elite Specialists worked with Transcarriers to identify the exact requirements to fit the operation.  System was configured for ease of use for the gate personnel and powerful reporting for end of month auditing and billing.   Historical data is available with a few clicks of the mouse.   Revenue is not lost due to unavailable information and customers are happy to have correct and detailed information.  Acurate billing occurs every month which increases revenue all while time is saved using a web-based system compared to paper logging.

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