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What's your current system really costing you?

  • Internal Employee Does Lotcheck

  • External Service Does Lotcheck

  • Check / Confirm Load / Unload Status

  • Carrier Inquiry Phone Calls

  • Carrier Inquiry Fax Requests

  • Internal Inquiry Requests

  • Look Up Time For Historical Moves / Data

  • Other External Inquiry Requests

  • Total Direct Costs

  • Time Manually Creating Shuttle Work Schedule From Shipping / Receiving Schedule
  • Lost Production Due To Late To Dock / From Dock Movements
  • Time Spent On Movement Tracking / Billing Movements
  • Shuttle Hours Lost Looking For Trailers or Wrong Movements
  • Carrier Rate Issues and/or Demurrage Due to Detention
  • Lost Sales Due To Lost Trailers (Enter Net Margin Dollars)
  • Your YMS Expense

The distance between your warehouse and the fence line

may be the most expensive mile in your supply chain.

Do you have the right tools to effectively manage your yard?