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Archive for October 2016

Utilizing Augmented Yard Management Systems

The cocktail of operating and managing a yard effectively takes one part dedication & hard work, two parts proper organization & time management. Data crawls underneath the machine of efficiency. To create an optimized yard management system, you need to find the proper methods to lasso the data farm into the right corral. One way…

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Announcing: Beta Testing New mobile feature

The in cab move request system is going mobile. Customers will benefit from our new mobile web page version of the move request system in a few ways. First, they can see it on any device that has a web browser. This allows for a wide variety of device options including very affordable pricing for…

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Yardview User Forum

Exciting News! We have started rolling out our User Forum. We are starting with facilities within the same company and will be broadening the scope to host Forums based on customers in the same industries, like food manufacturers, retail, paper, etc. The benefits of the user forum are extensive for our customers said Heather Giordano,…

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